The Quantum Nanophotonics group

The Quantum Nanophotonics group investigates light-matter insteractions at the nanoscale. Our main experimental effort in is the interaction between cold atoms and nanophotonic structures. We also ultrafast laser ablation at the nanoscale and the behaviour of light in large area photonic crystal cavities,

If you are interested in joining our group , please contact me (D.vanOosten at, I currently have a postdoc position available. We are looking for someone with experience in ultra-cold atoms.

Group members:

  • Dr. Dries van Oosten (Group leader)
  • B. O. Mußmann, MSc (PhD student)
  • A. J. van Lange, MSc (PhD student)
  • S. Pratama, MSc (PhD student)
  • S. Greveling, MSc (PhD student)
  • M. C. F. Dobbelaar, BSc (Master student)
  • Marcel Scholten, BSc (Master student)
  • Gordian Zomer, BSc (Master student)
  • James Findley de Regt, BSc (Master student)
  • Robbert Schoo, BSc (Master student)
  • Jasper Clarijs, BSc (Master student)

Former group members:

  • Dr. H. Zhang
  • R. Pos, MSc
  • F. Kamphorst, MSc
  • Z. M. Kluit, MSc
  • B. Meyer Viol, BSc
  • L. Visser, BSc
  • P. Kouyzer, BSc
  • C. Mennes, BSc
  • T. Verboven, BSc
  • A. van der Feltz, BSc
  • J. Kattemölle, BSc
  • R. Ram